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10 Mistakes Your Ecommerce Design Might Have and How to Deal With Them

Selling online is continuously becoming the talk of the town and every merchant seller and store owner today wish to take their products and company online. Having an online store has its own advantages, like you can easily remain available to your customers 24/7, and make a global reach. But designing an ecommerce store is not a piece of a cake. There are many factors you need to keep in mind, to create a powerful store. Most of the retailers ignore these small but crucial things and commit mistakes that just don’t let them succeed.

In this article we are going to discuss the most common mistakes committed by online store owners and how you can actually get rid of them:

1. No detailed product information page

An online store is not like your normal brick & mortar shop where they can feel and can simply pick an item of their choice and move out. But, as your store is on the virtual world, you need to provide an insight into the product and provide complete information about it. You need to build interaction with your visitors and thus a powerful & complete product information page is very important. If your customers find incomplete product descriptions, product details or other specifications, then they would more likely start looking elsewhere for the same. And, ultimately, you will end up losing a potential customer.


Build a proper product information page and link it properly with the relevant product. Provide most information about the product. Depending on the product, you can include sizes, weight, materials, dimensions, instructions on how to use, install, wash, or any other information. For example if you own a apparel store, then you must provide information about the size, available colors, fabric, washing instructions, fit, and brand name etc. Also use multiple images to make sure you customers can actually have a close look at the product.

2. Hidden Contact Information Link

Nobody would like to make a purchase from someone whom they don’t have any idea about or can’t track. A hidden contact information page creates suspicion in the minds of customers, and makes it hard for them to trust you. So, it is very vital for an ecommerce website to have a proper & easy to find contact information page.


Create an easy to find contact information page and provide it on each page of your website. You can consider the header, top of sidebar, or footer for the contact page information link. Try to provide multiple means on your contact information page like a contact form, email address, phone number, support on chat, or mailing addresses to add up to your customer’s trust.

3. A Long or Confusing Checkout Process Link

This is one of the most damaging mistakes for an ecommerce store to make. Your checkout page should not be a puzzle. It should be easy and less complicated. It is best to keep a single page checkout page where your customers can at once provide all the information and simply check out with their order.


We would recommend you to keep a single page checkout and ask for only the necessary information. And, even if you need to keep more than one page, then try to keep them as simple and quick as possible or you can also use multiple column layouts in a single page and adjust all the required information there.

4. Requiring an Account to Order Link

The condition for a customer account or sign up before browsing products or placing an order can also be an obstacle for your customers. Though we understand that having the customer information is vital for you, what consider what is more important- the order or information?


Instead of asking for sign up in the very first step, you can keep it at the last and allow your customer to create an account or provide existing details while checking out.

5. An Inadequate Site Search Engine Link

The search feature on your website should be helpful in filtering the results and directing your customers to exactly the page they are looking forward to. When your customers know what exactly they are looking for they will look for stores offering those product instead of struggling through multiple products & categories. So, the search feature on your website should be working properly and enable your customers to refine the results.


It is best to have a good search feature that can actually help your users find product from keyword. Give users the freedom to choose their results based on their various criteria like most popular, newest item, top selling, highest or lowest price etc.

6. A Poor Shopping Cart

Your shopping Cart is a very vital part of your ecommerce store. It should be powerful and should allow them to add multiple products, review the entire products, and save a product for future purchase.


Make sure that your shopping cart is fully functional & highly user-friendly. It should be loaded with advance features and should easily allow your customers to add or remove a product, empty cart, and change product quantities. If you need to build a powerful shopping cart, you can also hire an expert Ecommerce web development team.

7. Poor Customer Service Options Link

While offering customer support you should make sure that you are able to solve their problem in the best possible manner. There is no point in offering contact information if you can’t handle your customers’ problems or queries.


You can make a ticketing system to keep track of your customer queries. You can also create a FAQs post or page that can cover all the most common questions.

8. Tiny Product Images Link

As your customers won’t be able to physically touch & feel the products it’s your duty give them a clear insight into the products and believe us tiny product images just can’t help it. Everyone would like to have a look at the product before hitting the order now button, but if they are not able have a look at the product clearly how can they feel moving ahead with the order.


Try to provide large images or you can also offer zoom in feature to provide a close look at the product. An image that can enlarge to 1024×768 is a good size to go for.

9. Lack of Payment Options Link

You must have multiple payment options lined up for your buyers, so that they don’t have to face any hassle while checking out. There are many sites, which accept only Visa or Master card or ask their customer to make a payment via a PayPal account. But, what if the visitor does not have a PayPal account? What if someone wishes to have COD?


Provide multiple payment options to your customers. Try to consider the preferences of your customers and keep as many payment solutions as you can.

10. Not Including Related Products

Having similar products enables customer to find product related to their search. This helps websites to increase the add-on sales.


You can find a range of ecommerce platforms that enables you to include related product into the product page. Try to have a web development platform that can also let users manually choose products.

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