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How to Create an Online Reputation Damage Control Strategy

For all the online businesses, reputation is the most important thing they consider. Reputation MANAGEMENT is not something that will happen automatically. From the large entrepreneurs to small business, solid strategies and plans are created for managing the reputation. For doing reputation management effectively, follow these five steps:

The first step

The very first step towards managing the online reputation is to envision the reputation damage scenarios. Set a meeting and then make a list of all the things that can happen with your brand’s reputation. Do not even ignore the small bumps; these can also become very big anytime. The most annoying thing damaging the reputation is a negative post about the brand in which a user is complaining about any of the product or services. The complaint can be genuine as well as a result of some misunderstanding. Create a plan for all the possible things, a blog to a comment that have the power to damage the online reputation.

The second step

The next step is to plan the best possible action for the negativity. There should be a pre-planned response to all the items in the list. Do not write is as per your perspective. Think from the reader’s perspective and then write the reply. After that read it not from the complainer’s perspective, bur from other reader’s perspective who are reading it. The answer should sound like you care about your customer, not about your brand’s reputation.

The third step

After you are done with pre planning of the places when a negative content can be placed and the reply to them, it is time to monitor the online reputation and the question is how to do so? The best way is to set notification alerts via Google alerts or other means. Along with this, it is also very important to monitor all the social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter for posts related to your brand. Apart from that a lot of online forums are there where people share their experience and can mention your name.

The fourth step

The fourth step is to delegate monitoring. Hire someone who can regularly monitor the online reputation. The best suitable person is an ORM experts or an ORM service provider company. The companies also provide affordable ORM packages to make it easy for the business to rake care of their reputation online.

The final one

This is the last step but not the least and is most of the time ignored. Creating fresh content can also help in improving the brand’s reputation. Content at places like testimonials, social media profiles, blogs, and reviews can also help in offset any negativity content.

Online reputation should never be taken for granted and hence professional’s services should be taken to take care of the reputation online. Share your thoughts on the same in the comments below.

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