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Platform Modules & Features

Enjoy enhanced visibility into your omni channel processes with our platform modules.

Back Office Integration Tools

We fully support B2B process flows in and out of back office systems.

Platform Modules & Features

We offer a professional drop shipping services in Australia to make integration with boarding vendors hassle free.


Planning your drop shipping integration?

We are expert in offering professional web services that help you to easily plan & assess successful drop shipping initiative.

Searching for drop ship suppliers in Sydney?

Sites Simply will help you to accumulate inventory data from your vendors and to get it published at the right marketplace.

What we Do?

At Sites Simply, we have built a platform understanding the ever-changing demands on retailers to offers extensive product variety with faster order fulfilment that pressurizes suppliers and keeps drop shipping at the heart of B2B businesses.

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Who we are?

Sites Simply is a seamless B2B integration platform that helps retailers, brands, third party logistics provider and distributors to manage, monitor, and scale each of their drop shipping operations without hassle.