PPC Campaigns that deliver immediate results

PPC Advertisement and Marketing

PPC also called cost per click is an advertising model used to receive direct traffic to websites, in which the advertisers pay a certain amount to the publisher when his/her displayed ad is clicked by a visitor. It is basically the total amount spent when an advertisement is clicked.

With Google Dominating the search engine market, Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great way to boost up your website traffic and sales. Sites Simply has a team of Google certified adwords professionals who undertake each campaign and project to get high quality traffic to your website.

Benefits of PPC advertising & marketing

Having more than 12 years of experience in the industry, Sites Simply offers impeccable Google adwords management
services to businesses with assured ROI.

  • Reach out to targeted audience within minutes
  • Instant & assured results
  • Real time track ability
  • Get found over the internet
  • Target all devices separately
  • No minimum investment
  • Run language specific campaigns
Account Management Process

PPC account performance is not restricted
to chosen keywords and set BID

Optimization of existing Landing Pages

A paid ad campaign can only bring traffic to your website, however from there your website has to take care of the rest and play the daunting task of converting visitors into customers. Having an optimized landing page is a great way support for your account to perform efficiently. Sites Simply SEM services include optimizing landing pages with relevant keywords to help you make great conversions.


A/B testing of PPC-only landing pages

Our PPC experts can help you find the right landing page that works magic for you. Having the right landing page with proper functionality, call to actions ensures a greater conversion ratio.


Special targeted ads for mobile users

There is no denying to the fact that today we are more attached to our devices than ever. Our team of PPC experts understands the fact that mobile phone users also form a major part of the traffic and thus develop unique strategy for mobile advertising to target your audience.


Retargeting visitors

Understanding the fact that retargeting visitors boost conversions by 37%, Sites Simply offers effective retargeting technology that helps you to target visitors who are familiar with your business and have shown interest in your business earlier.


Product Listing ads

Product Listing ads or PLAs ensure more than 20% of click through rate than text ads on search engines, most specifically for ecommerce web stores. Highly visible and facility for price comparison makes PLAs a total hit among customers.


Advertising on Social Media Networks

Sites Simply can also help you to advertise on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. to reach out to your desired targeted audience within the desired time frame. This can easily help you to spread a word about your business as well as to generate traffic for your business website from all over the world. Today, when we are more social than ever social media networking sites are a great way to engage customers from various parts of the world and to boost revenues.


Analysis of ROI

Sites Simply follows a transparent approach in each of its process and thus offers a clear insight into the progress that takes place in each of the campaigns. Moreover, with our twice a week reporting system you are also able to have track of the cost per acquisition, keyword performance, traffic sources, visitor tracking, etc.